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Hope & Expectation for Women & Children

What type of in-patient programs does Spirit Of Woman have available?

180 Day Intensive Inpatient Program
Spirit Of Woman's 180-day program works to meet the recovery needs of women who require long-term, intensive treatment and support. The treatment services delivered under this program are designed to help women understand the fundamental concepts of substance abuse, explore and address the root of addiction and develop coping strategies to achieve and maintain sobriety. Positive parenting practices are exercised throughout all services using a nurturing family-centered approach aimed to improve family functioning, family reunification and preservation.

Spirit Of Woman's program targets women who have custody of their children, are in the process of reunification with one or more of their children have little or no family/social support, lack access to essential resources such as childcare, transportation and housing, have unresolved legal issues, involved in or fleeing from abusive relationships and whose assessment necessitates long-term residential treatment.
90 Day Intensive Inpatient Program
Spirit Of Woman's 90-day program is a high-quality program that concentrates on the woman's unique needs and barriers to achieving sobriety, family reunification and economic independence. Spirit Of Woman's 90-day program was designed for pregnant/parenting women who are involved in the child welfare system and in the process of reunification, but have not achieved at the time of enrollment; in need of a short-term refocus as a result of relapse or at risk for relapse, have an outstanding regulatory requirements and have exhausted resources to participate in long-term treatment, and/or have little or no family/social support and long-term treatment would impede the family's economic situation.
Sober Living
Spirit Of Woman's Sober Living is available for women who have not secured a safe, habitable and healthy residence for themselves and their children. Often times, women are homeless or at risk of being homeless at the timeof enrollment and do not have adequate income to support permanent housing.

Spirit Of Woman leases residential homes in the community for women and their children to reside until resources become available to support housing. Women will also participate in the continuing/aftercare components where support is provided to assist tenants obtain and retain permanent housing.
 Spirit Of Health
On November 13, 2014, Spirit Of Woman, in conjunction with the Fresno St University Nursing Program, introduced Spirit Of Health. This clinic allows Spirit Of Woman to to provide necessary medical and prenatal care to women and children residing here.

Spirit Of Health offers more comprehensive services to all families that come through Spirit Of Woman's programs. Spirit Of Woman is one step closer to accomplishing the mission of providing a nurturing, safe environment where culturally diverse women can discover their personal identity, values and belief system.
Mental Health
Women of color are more likely than Caucasian women to share a number of socioeconomic risk factors for depression, including racial/ethnic discrimination, lower educational and income levels, segregation into low status and high-stress jobs, unemployment, poor health, larger family sizes, marital dissolution and single parenthood.

Supervised by Dr, Juan Garcia, Spirit Of Woman offers assessment as well as individual and group treatment services for both mother and child.