Spirit Of Woman
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Hope & Expectation for Women & Children

Does Spirit Of Woman have programs available for children?

Spirit Of Woman is proud to have Dr. Kyle Weir's Theraplay program implemented in our child care center. Simply put, Theraplay is play therapy that helps mothers form stronger bonds with their children by engaging in various games that develop important skills for both mother and child.
After Care
Spirit Of Woman's After Care program is for women who have completed the 180-day or 90-day programs and require further treatment to help them successfully assimlate back into society as productive members of the community. Spirit Of Woman's After Care program is a critical phase of treatment as women begin to implement strategies learned throughout their inpatient treatment episode. Relapse prevention is paramount during this phase, as many women are rejoimed with significant others, relatives and friends and must implement and exercise healthy boundaries.
Children's Services
All residing children receive daily intervention through Spirit Of Woman's on-site Early Care And Education Center. Scheduled daily activities facilitate social, emotional, physical and intellectual/cognitive development. Spirit Of Woman adopted Parent Infant Toddler Cargiver (PITC) initiative as the standard of care for children in our Early Care And Education Center.